We Focus on Creating Simplified Content on Science and Development

Wanon is an African word, which translates to ‘let’s find out more’. With a specific focus on science and development, the company thrives in finding out more about various specialised fields and creating relevant content, translated to ordinary language to suit client preference. With our team of knowledgeable writers and producers we don’t guess what the science means, because we know how to find out. Our content includes short videos, full-fledged documentaries, one-on-one interviews and specialised articles among other tailor-made products. Our key areas of focus include Agriculture, Health and Ecology. We pay special attention to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they relate to daily living.

Our Services

Media Training

At Wanon Media, we train scientists on how to speak to the media. Whether it is a LIVE adversarial interview on national television on how to tackle climate change or speaking to a specialised scientific journal about complicated research findings, we give you the skills to say exactly what you want to say. We explore presentation skills that allow you be calm and relaxed even in the face of an aggressive interviewer. We equip you to pepper your responses with just the right sound bites the media would jump at. We focus on both traditional and social media. Get your message out on your terms.

Science Training

In a rapidly changing world, people world over are looking for answers. Why does it rain when it ought to be dry? Why do locusts periodically invade parts of the world? Is the novel coronavirus a natural phenomenon or is it man-made? What is the place of biotechnology in discussions about food security? These are scientific questions but they are also journalistic questions. So are you a young journalist desiring to major in science reporting or are you an established scribe seeking a better understanding of the scientific world around us? Do you want to be on the front row as the world discusses key issues of global concern such as climate change or global pandemics? At Wanon Media, we have the answer. We train young journalists to incorporate science reporting in their craft right from the onset. We also sharpen the science knowledge of established journalists so that their skills honed over the years, can aid them in telling consequential science stories with ease and meaning. We offer short courses for individual as well as company clients.

Corporate Documentaries

Are you a scientific research consortium, NGO or even government agency and would like to document what you do? Well, at Wanon Media, we combine our deep understanding of scientific issues with fine communication skills to provide just the kind of solution you are looking for. Using state of the art equipment we put together award-winning documentary and short films tailored for both traditional and social media.

Communication Consultancy

At Wanon Media, we recognize that you need to engage with your audience in the scientific community and the general public. We offer a 360-degree communication package that provides you with guaranteed visibility. We support our clients through crisis situations by advising on key aspects of strategic crisis communication. In more stable times, we keep scientists connected to their target audience. We craft well-written press releases on your latest scientific discoveries, collaborations, and funding. We leverage our extensive network of contacts in the media to ensure your work is covered by major news outlets.

Media Liaison

Our team of professionals has over time forged strong working relationships with media practitioners across Africa and beyond. Additionally, our working experience within the media and interaction within the development world give us a high sense of audience interests and their preferred modes of communication, including the digital arena which is fast taking space in the media world. We deliver news and feature stories in time, and through the right channels in line with the anticipated outcome - to inform, educate, influence and entertain. For us media engagement is not just reporting on an event, we couple this with follow-up (value-added journalism), diving deep into issues, taking time to tell stories that are well researched and impactful.